Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Colleges

CollegesPhone No.CollegesPhone No.
  Association of Canadian Community Colleges  Brains Degree Colleges & Institute of Computer
  68-C Sahibzada A.Qayyum Road University Town Peshawar.+92 91 455086  University Road Peshawar.+92 91 843132
  Cecos Data College  Khyber College of Commerce & Management
  Sadar Road Peshawar.+92 91 272662  The Mall Opp Edwards College Peshawar.+92 91 277160
  Cecos Frontier College Of Business Education  Edward College School
  Saddar Road Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 2772662  Tariq Road Cantt Peshawar.+92 91 5277479
  Inter College For Girls  Peshawar Public School & College For Girls
  Shahi Bagh Zaryab Colony Peshawar.+92 91 5274845  Warsak Road Cantt Peshawar.+92 91 5200053
  Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan  Cathedral Education Centre
  Frontier College of Business Education Saddar Cantt Peshawar.+92 91 272662  1-Sir Syed Road Peshawar.+92 91 270812
  Euro Institute Of Management Sciences (Eims)  Govt Institute For Blind
  34/D-3 Old Jamrud Road University Town.+92 91 5705945  G.T Road Peshawar.+92 91 2217306
  Agricultural Training Institute (ATI)  Agricultural University Public School And College (boys)
  Opp.Islamia College Jamrud Road Peshawar+92 91 9216259  Peshawar.+92 91 9218130
  Agricultural University Public School And College (Girls)  Aisha Institute Of Modern Sciences
  Peshawar.+92 91 9216538  Major Raza Khan 58-C University Town.+92 91 851500
  Al-Hadeed Technology Training Centre  Alam College Of Modern Sciences (ACMS)
  Ring Road Shinwari Town Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 2314141  Ring Road Peshawar.+92 91 5231401
  Animal Husbandry In-Service Training Institute  Army Public College Of Education For Women
  Peshawar.+92 91 9210309  56-A The Mall Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 9210277
  Army Public School And Girls College  Askari College Of Commerce
  56-A The Mall Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 9211148  Nishtarabad Peshawar.+92 91 2314141
  Brains Institute Of Computer Sciences  Brave College Of Technology
  University Road Peshawar.+92 91 5611637  Darakhshan Colony out Ganj Gate Circular Road Peshawar.+92 91 2565723
  Capital Degree College  Engineer Institute Of Technology
  Bank AL- FALAH Arbab road stop University road Peshawar.+92 91 5843066  Peshawar.+92 91 2250468
  F.G College For Boys  F.G Girls College
  Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 279178  Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 275943
  Fauji Foundation Vocational Training Centre  Fazaia College Of Education For Women
  House No.3 Sarhad Street Gulberg-3 Peshawar.+92 91 276493  56-B Mall Road Near PTV Station Peshawar Cantt.+92 91 9212719
  Fazaia Inter College  Ghazali Institute Of Modern Sciences
  Shaheen Camp Peshawar.+92 91 9210777  Arbab Road Stop University Road Peshawar.+92 91 612540
  Government City Girls College  Government College For Boys
  G.T Road Peshawar.+92 91 2263172  Faqirabad Peshawer Cantt.  +92 91 9211283
  Government College Of Management Sciences(women)  Government College Of Management Sciences
  Araba Road Peshawar.+92 91 9216643  G.T Road Peshawar.+92 91 9212926
  Government College Of Technology  Government College
  Peshawar.+92 91 9212739  Badaber Peshawar.+92 91 5864699
  Government Degree College  Government Frontier College For Women
  Mathra Peshawar.+92 91 2951059  Qila Bala Hasar Nazar Bagh Road Peshawar+92 91 9212805
  Government Girls Degree College  Government Girls Post Graduate Commerce College
  Gulshan Rehman Colony Peshawar.+92 91 2320145  University Road Arbab Road Peshawar.+92 91 9216643
  Government Superior Science College  Government Technical & Vocational Centre (Boys)
  Peshawar.+92 91 2563067  GulBahar Peshawar.+92 91 2560206
  Greenwich Grammar School & College  Hims Degree College
  Bakhshi Pull Main Charsadda Road Peshawar.+92 91 2245309  Near Din Bahar Pull Charsadda Road Peshawar.+92 91 5272076
  I C M S College System  I C M S College System (Girls)
  7B, Sector, D-1, Phase-1 Peshawar.+92 91 5822138  39-B, Phase 5, Hayatabad Peshawar.+92 91 5892704
  Informatics Computer Institute  Institute Of Management Sciences
  15-B Old Jamrud Road University Peshawar.+92 91 853672-3  1-A, Sector E-5, Phase VII Hayatabad Peshawar.+92 91 9217408
  Iqra School And College  Islamia College
  Opposite Amin Hotel Hashtnagri Sikandarpura Peshawar.+92 91 2561389  25120 Jamrud Road Peshawar.+92 91 9222036
  Islamia Degree College Of Commerce And Computer Science  Lamar Degree College Of It & Management Sciences
  Faqirabad Zaryab Colony Near ArbabNiaz Stadium.+92 91 248412  1-New Arbab Colony Abdara Road Peshawar.+92 91 5850457
  Lead Education System(school & College)  Leads College
  Grand Trunk Road Peshawar.+92 91 5702661  Opp. Arbab Niaz Stadium Faqirabad.+92 91 2583652
  Modern Institute Of Technology  Muslim College For Women
  Charsadda Road Near Bahdni Pul Peshawar.+92 91 2245194  Muslim Educational Complex Dalazak Road Peshawar.+92 91 2920656
  Muslim College Of Commerce  Nice College For Boys & Girls
  Zaryab Colony Peshawar.+92 91 2566112  Gulshan-e-Iqbal University Road Bus Stop Peshawar.+92 91 5841180
  Oxford College.  Pak Technology & Vocational Centre
  Near Abdara Chowk 16-B Old Jamrud Road Peshawar.+92 91 5840420  Opp. Haji Camp, G.T. Road Peshawar.+92 91 2652755
  Peshawar Cambridge College  Peshawar Model Degree College For Boys
  Opp. Municipal Inter Girls College Faqirabad+92 91 2245138  Dalazak Road Peshawar.+92 91 2920472
  Peshawar Model Degree College For Girls  Professional College Of Commerce And Management
  Dalazak Road Peshawar.+92 91 2041216  University Road Peshawar.+92 91 219271
  Quaid-e-Azam College Of Commerce  Qurtaba College For Boys
  Peshawar.+92 91 9216757  Sector K-1 St-4 Phase-3 Hayatabad Peshawar.+92 91 812117
  Qurtuba School And College (girls)  Suffa College Of Commerce
  Sector C-2 Phase-5 Hayatabad Peshawar.+92 91 5812450  Hospital Road, Near T, T, C Gulbahar No.1.+92 91 2560427


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