Punjab Faisalabad Colleges

CollegesPhone No.CollegesPhone No.
  ITHM College  Govt. College University
  29-Officers Colony No. 1, Canal Road Madina Town Faisalabad.+92 41 8549416-17  Main City Faisalabad.+92 41 9200670
  University College for Women(UCF)  Bridge International College of Advanced Studies
  Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.+92 41 8768326-30  1360-B, Peoples Colony No.1, Faisalabad.+92 41 8543002
  Abdul-Slam Girls College of Commerce  College of Commerce Professionals (CCP)
  48-A, Peoples Colony No. 1, Faisalabad.+92 300 2339258  135-C, D Ground, Peoples Colony, Fsd.+92 41 8733233
  College of Physicians  Faisalabad College of Science & Commerce
  Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad.+92 41 9210131  107-C Peoples Colony Jaranwala Road, Fsd.+92 41 8543311
  Government Girls Degree College  Lyallpur Law College
  Peoples Colony No.2, Baber chowk, Near Nalka Stop, Faisalabad.+92 41 8724642  670-A Peoples Colony No. 1 Canal Road, Faisalabad.+92 41 8547680
  Quaid-E-Azam Computer College  The Soldier Computer College
  Plot No.20,2nd Floor,Narwala Chowk, Faisalabad.+92 41 2638883  House No 237, Gulberg-B, Ahsan Chowk, Faislabad.+92 41 2648678
  Aims College of Commerce  Al-haram College
  East Rakh Canal Road, Peoples Colony 1, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad.+92 41 8530003  Near Airport, Main Jhang Road Faisalabad.+92 41 2577192
  Al-khair National Institute Of Textile  Ayesha Girls College Of Arts & Commerce
  171-B Gulistan colony No2 Millat Chowk Sheikhupure Road fsd.+92 41 8786698  263 Batala Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 8716716
  City College Of Commerce  College Of Fashion & Design
  Main Blvd, Faisalabad.+92 302 3322045  Gulistan Colony #2, Sheikhpura, Road Near, Aysha Masjid Faisalabad.+92 41 9210202
  Comsats Institute Of Information Technology  Institute Of Research Sciences & Technology
  498D, Peoples Colony 1 Near Harrian wala OPP. Imambargah Fsd.+92 41 8531192  250 RB-Basti Awan Wala, Near Abbas Pur Faisalabad.+92 41 2640161
  Institute Of Textile & Fashion Design  Government Apprenticeship Training Centre
  New Civil Lines Mall Road Faisalabad.+92 41 2610770  Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.+92 41 8586908
  Government College Of Technology Women  Government Technical Training Centre Women
  D Block, Peoples Colony #1, Near Khizra Mosque, Faisalabad.+92 41 9220102  Moh:Faizan-e-Madina, Sabzi Mandi Road, Chak Jhumra District, Faisalabad.+92 321 7800342
  Government Vocational Training Institute  Government College For Women Ghulam Muhammad Abad
  Nalka Kohala Punjab Small Industries Estate, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.+92 41 8869486  Faisalabad.+92 41 9239096
  Government College For Women  Government College For Women
  D-TYPE Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 2667799  GULISTAN Colony Faisalabd.+92 41 9200842
  Government College For Women  Government College For Women
  KARKHANA BAZAR Karkhana Bazar Faisalabad.+92 41 9200513  Madina Town Faisalabad.+92 41 9220093
  Government College For Women  Government College For Women
  peoples Colony No. 2 Faisalabad.+92 41 9220109  Saifabad Faisalabad.+92 41 9239095
  Government College Of Commerce  Government College Of Commerce
  People\'s Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 9220081  Abdullah Pur Faisalabad.  +92 41 9220088
  Government College Of Technology  Government Islamia College
  Samanabad, Faisalabad.+92 41 9200520  Sargodha Road Faisalabad.+92 41 9210212
  Government Islamia College For Women  Government Millat Degree College
  Eidgah Road Faisalabad.+92 41 9200557  Ghulam Muhammad Abad Faisalabad.+92 41 2680773
  Government Municipal Degree College  Government Post Graduate College Of Science
  Ghulam Muhammad Abad Jaranwala Road Faisalabad.+92 41 9220283  Faisalabad.+92 41 9239097
  Government Post Graduate College  Government Staff Training College
  Samanabad Faisalabad.+92 41 9200554  People Colony No.1, Hashmat Khan Road, Faisalabad.+92 41 9220083
  Government Technical Training Institute  Hosiery Knitting Training Centre
  Dhobi Ghat, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad.+92 41 9200544  Madina Town, Public Building No 2, Plot No 2, Z-Block, Faislabad.+92 41 9220032
  ILM College (ILM)  Institute Of Cost And Management Accountants Of Pakistan
  Faisal Town, West Canal Road Opposite Little Angel School Faisalabad.+92 41 8504544  335 - B Peoples Colony No.1 Near McDonald's, Satiyana Road Faisalabad.+92 41 9220103
  Government College For Women  Ithm College (ITHM)
  Chak Jhumra Faisalabad+92 41 8763020  29-Officer's Colony No. 1, Canal Road, Madina Town Faisalabad.+92 41 8549417
  Jinnah College Of Science, Commerce & Technology  Jinnah Polytechnic Institute
  Samundri Road Near Navalty Bridge Fsd.+92 41 8721327  Zubair Colony Jaranwala Road Faisalabad.+92 41 8731327
  Kingston College Of Science And Commerce  Kips College Boys and Girls
  126-C Peoples Colony NO 1 Faisalabad.+92  121-P Jail Road Faisalabad.+92 41 2642911-14
  Lahore Group Of Technical Colleges  M. A. Jinnah College Of Commerce
  161-B Gulistan Colony 2 Near Millat Chowk Faisalabad.+92 41 8863565  Tanki Wala Road Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad.+92 300 2923921
  Madina College of Science & Commerce  Muhammad Ali Jinnah Polytechnic Institute
  Millat Chowk Sheikhupura Road, Tahir Road Faisalabad.+92 331 8781144  94-C Peoples Colony No.1 Faisalabad.+92 41 8725181
  School Of Advanced Business And Commerce  National Textile College & Management Institute
  19-A, D-Ground Peoples Colony, Adjacent Hassan Shopping Mall Near Repple Plaza Faisalabad.+92 41 8719578  Peoples Colony, D Ground Makki Hospital Road, Adjacent Hassan Shopping Mall, Faisalabad.+92 41 8761086
  Pakistan College Of Commerce  Pakistan Institute Of Public Finance Accountants
  Plot 188-B, Santayana Road, Batala Colony, Peoples Colony 2, Faisalabad.+92 41 8541798  Ajmal Centre 1,289-1 Bartala Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 8530110
  Peterman Institute  Quaid College Of Commerce
  437-D Peoples Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 9220097  People's Colony No 1, Faisalabad.+92 41 8718230
  National Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering  Shiblee College For Women
  Jhang Road, Faisalabad.+92 41 2651475  Madina Town Faisalabad.+92 41 8720727
  Shiblee College Of Commerce & Science  Shiblee College for Women
  135-C Peoples Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 8712327  Gulberg Campus, Faisalabad.+92 41 2641083
  Shiblee College of Commerce for Girls  Shiblee College for Women
  Kohinoor Town, Faisalabad.+92 41 8503272-3  Narwala Campus, Lehlan Road Faisalabad.+92 41 8797577
  Shiblee College of Commerce for Boys  Shiblee College of Science for Boys
  135-C, D-Ground, Faisalabad.+92 41 8712327-28  134-C, D-Ground, Faisalabad.+92 41 8730737
  Sitara Institute Of Management And Technology (SIMT)  Skans School Of Accountancy
  KOH-E-NOOR Chowk Sitara Plaza Jaranwala Road Faisalabad.+92 41 8712977  130-C People's Colony D Ground Faisalabad.+92 41 8726604
  The National College  Tips College
  400-D Peoples Colony No 1 Faisalabad.+92 41 8716139  P-647-D Near KFC Peoples Colony No. 1 Fsd.+92 41 8543826
  Tips College  Tips College
  P-30-B, Saeed Colony No.2, Near Kashmir Bridge Canal Road, Faisalabad.+92 41-852201  P-186, Babar Chowk, Main Road, Batala Colony Faisalabad.+92 41 8545894
  Compete College  The Rehman College
  3rd Floor Rex City Satiana Road Faisalabad.+92 41 8734459  Haji Ibrahim Building Jaranwala Road Fsd.+92 41 8738316
  Munir Commerce College  Oxford Textile & Computer College
  Circuler Road Faisalabad.+92 41 2634751  Bank Chowk, Samanabad Faisalabad.+92 41 2669906
  The World College  Bolan Group Of Colleges
  Near Zanib Masjid, Susan Road, Madina Town Faislabad.+92 41 8542344  94-C, Peoples Colony No.1, D-Ground Faisalabad.+92 41 8545577
  Waris Shah Law College  Axis Group Of Colleges (Main Campus)
  670-A, Peoples Colony No.1. Faisalabad.+92 41 8717680  126-A, Peoples Colony No.1 Faisalabad.+92 41 8733715
  Brain Tree College  College Of English Language
  19-B, Peoples Colony No.1, Near City Mega Mart Faisalabad.+92 41 8737300  Peoples Colony No.1 Opp. Makki Hospital Faisalabad.+92 41 8548380
  World Wide Computer College  Oxford College Of Commerce
  Corner Aminpur Bazar Kotwali Chowk Fsd.+92 41 2641003  54-W-102, Madina Town Faisalabad.+92 41 8729098
  Laps College Of It & Commerce  Pasban Computer College
  865-B Peoples Colony 1 ChenOne Road Fsd.+92 41 8728196  721 Batala Colony-1 Satiana Road Fsd.+92 41 8541818


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