Punjab Lahore Colleges

CollegesPhone No.CollegesPhone No.
  Govt. Islamia Inter College  Govt. Shah Hussain Inter College
  Zarrar Shaheed Road Lahore Cantt.+92 42 36173605  30-1-AII Township Lahore.+92 42 35154066
  Government Degree College (Boys)  Govt. Degree College For Women
  Raiwind Lahore.+92 42 35393776  Shalimar Town China Scheme Lahore.+92 42 36880186
  Government Degree College For Women  Government Degree College For Women
  Wapda Town Lahore.+92 42 35954939  Kahna Nau Lahore.+92 42 35270066
  Govt Degree College for Women  Government Islamia Degree College ( Boys )
  Raiwind Lahore.+92 42 35393485  Lahore Cantt Ghazi Abad Lahore.+92 42 36881772
  Government Degree College For Women  Govt Degree College for Women
  Salamat Pura Lahore.+92 42 36545565  Mustafabad Lahore.+92 42 37419898
  Govt. Jinnah Degree College For Women  Govt. Degree College For Women
  Mozang Lahore.+92 42 36360695  Shahdara Lahore.+92 42 39722644
  Govt. College For Women  Government Apwa College For Women
  Circular Road, Block E Model Town Lahore.+92 42 99231863  Jail Road Lahore.+92 42 99203449
  Government Islamia College  Govt. Degree College For Women
  Railway Road Lahore.+92 42 37658013  Band Road Lahore.+92 42 37722698
  Government College Of Technology, Printing, And Graphic  Govt. Degree College For Women
  Wahdat Road Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.+92 42 99260042  Bilal Gunj Lahore.+92 42 37722300
  Govt. Degree College For Women  Govt. Kulliyat-ul-Banat Degree College For Women
  Gowal Mandi Lahore.+92 42 99238809  15-Lake Road Lahore.+92 42 37354818
  Govt. Degree College For Women  Govt. Degree College For Women
  Kot Lakhpat Lahore.+92 42 99230203  Block F Gulshan Ravi Lahore.+92 42 37419898
  Government College Of Technology (Women)  Govt. Degree College For Women
  2 Lytton Road Jain Mandir Lahore+92 42 27312508  Baghabanpura G.T Road Lahore.+92 42 99239471
  Govt. Degree College For Women, Marghazar  Govt. Ayesha Degree College For Women
  Marghazar Lahore.+92 42 37499772  Timber Market Ravi Road Lahore.+92 42 37722805
  Government College Of Technology (glass, Ceramics & Potry)  Govt. Degree College For Women
  National Fan Link G. T. Road Shahdara Lhr.+92 42 37910127  Shadbagh Lahore.+92 42 36261100
  Govt. Islamia Post Graduate College  Government Khwaja Rafique Shaheed College
  Out Fall Road Civil Lines Lahore.+92 42 99210676-7  WALTON ROAD Lahore.+92 42 35920344
  Govt. Post-Gradute College For Women  MAO Post Graduate College
  Near Khizra Mosque Samanabad Lahore.+92 42 37587565  93-R, Lower Mall Road Lahore+92 42 37114336
  Government Dyal Singh College  Govt. Science Post Graduate College
  Laxmi Chowk Lahore.+92 42 37234436  Wahdat Road Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.  +92 42 99260039
  Govt. Islamia Post Graduate College For Women  Govt. Post-Gradute College For Women
  Cooper Road Lahore.+92 42 99200776  Township Lahore.+92 42 99262112
  F.G Degree College  Govt. College of Home Economics
  Aziz Bhatti Road Lahore Cantt+92 42 99220631  Gulberg 5 Lahore.+92 42 35710841
  Govt. Post-Gradute College For Boys  Govt. Post-Gradute Home Economics College For Women
  Gulberg Qazzafi Stadium Lahore.+92 42 99232116  Dr. Mateen Fatima Road Gulberg II, Lahore.+92 42 99263324
  Queen Mary College  Govt. Fatima Jinnah College for Women
  2-Durrand Road Garhi Shahu, Lahore.+92 42 36278789  Channa Mandi (near Kashmiri Gate) Lhr.+92 42 37661185
  Kinnaird College for Women  Govt. College for Women
  93-JAIL ROAD LAHORE.+92 42 99203784  III-Gulberg Lahore.+92 42 99263007
  Ali Garh College For Women  Allama Iqbal Group Of Technology Colleges
  38-47/C-II, Ghalib Road, Gulberg-III, Lahore.+92 42 35754957  1-Syed Moj Darya Road, Near Jain Mundra Chowk, Lahore.+92 42 35500782
  Arid Institute Of Management Sciences (AIMS)  Bridge College Of Technology
  5/72 Usman Block, New Garden Town, Opp. P U Hostel Gate No.4 Near Campus Bridge.+92 42 35887762  17-D, Main Boulevard, Faisal Town Lahore.+92 42 35177730
  Ashrafia Girls College  Dr A Q Khan College
  Feroz pur Road Lahore.+92 42 36139477  Sector A, Bahria Town, Multan Road.+92 42 35341024
  Eastern College of Management Sciences  Unique College of Computer Science for Boys
  84-L, Abul Hassan Isfahani Road Lahore.+92 42 35161684  106 A Muslim Town Lahore.+92 42 35861674
  Minhaj College for Women  Lahore School Of Accountancy & Finance
  Minhaj University Road, Sector D1, Township Lahore.+92 42 35145621  47/C3 (Near Govt.College for Women Liberty) Gulberg III Lahore.+92 42 35870645
  Fazaia College Of Education For Women  Kips Intermediate College for Girls
  Sarwar Road Lahore Cantt Lahore.+92 42 9505517  207 B-2, Johar Town Lahore+92 305 4440504
  Axis College of Arts & Science for Boys  Ravi College for Women
  Lady Griffin Campus G.T Road LAHORE.+92 42 99201753  122-A GT Road Bahgbanpura Lahore.+92 42
  Standard College  Unique College for Girls
  32-B, New Muslim Town Wahdat Road Lhr.+92 42 35886916-8  99 A New Muslim Town Lahore.+92 42 35912292
  Sofia College of Arts & Science  Modern College Of Commerce
  31, Bahawalpur Road Mozang Change, Lahore.+92 42 7591680  10-College Block Allama Iqbal Town Wahdat Road Lahore.+92 42 5426467
  National College of Business Admin. & Eco.(NCBA&E)  Punjab College of Commerce (Admissions Office)
  40-E 1, Gulberg III, Lahore.+92 42 35752716-9  1 Noon Avenue, New Muslim Town Lahore.+92 42 35844103
  Brains College for Boys  Leadership College for Boys
  Walton Road Bank Stop Ghous Bakery Lahore.+92 42 36664387-8  Plot No. 18, Block No. 10, Sector B-1, Akbar Chowk Township Lahore.+92 42 35214062-4
  Wise Girls College  Mansoora Modal Degree College for Boys
  48-Main Gulberg, Lahore.+92 42 35753129  Multan Chungi, Wahdat Road Kamran Block, Mansura Lahore.+92 42 5419324
  Defence Degree College for Boys  AL-Syed College of Commerce for Boys
  305 - R, Phase II, DHA Lahore Cantt.+92 42 99264250-51  Peco Road Opposite Treet Factory, Township Lahore.+92 42 35943460-2
  Hailey College of Banking and Finance  Allied Azam International Science & Commerce College
  Old Hailey College Building, Opposite University Lahore.+92 42 37323633  370 Mehran Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.+92 42 35427196
  City College of Lahore for Boys  Stars College (Head Office)
  Near Qanchi Stop Ferozpur Road Lahore.+92 42 35810006  30-Kashmir Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.+92 42 37800293
  Lahore Grammar College for Women  CAPS (College of Accountancy)
  173-Shadman-II, Canal Bank, Lahore.+92 42 37560910-7573  15-Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town Lahore.+92 42 35888081
  Computer College Pakistan Engineering Congress  Minhaj College of Women
  3rd Floor, PEC Building 97-A/D1 Liberty Market Gulberg III Lahore.+92 42 35784240  Baghdad Town, Township, Lahore.+92 42 35116782
  EDGE System International Lahore
  2+92 42  66-Main (1sr Round About) Samanabad Lahore.+92 42 37530345-6
  I.B.L. College of Commerce for Girls  Superior College of Commerce for Women (Main Campus)
  57- afghani Road Samanabad Lahore.+92 42 37583131  Kalma Chowk Garden Town Lahore.+92 42 38104221
  KIMS College  Apwa Youth College for Girls
  Nishat Colony, DHA Lahore.+92 42 111575575  Jail Road, Lahore.+92 42 37576315
  Standard College for Girls  Hazrat Aysha Siddiqa Model College College For Women
  9-College Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.+92 42 37806836-37  Nicolson Road Lahore.+92 42 36371396
  AL-Syed College of Commerce for Girls  Defence Degree College for Women
  63-E, Moulana Shaukat Ali Road Johar Town Lahore.+92 42 35203015  487-FF-Phase 4, Defence Housing Authority Lahore.+92 42 5733401
  Institute For Professional Learning (IPL)  Lahore City College & Academy
  41-L, model town, Lahore near marriyan darbar Lahore.+92 42 35173006  68-Kashmir Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.+92 42 37840036
  City College of Lahore for Women  Nisa Girls College
  Near Qanchi Stop Ferozpur Road Lahore.+92 42 35810006  Civil Defence Road Lahore.+92 42 35121015
  Queens Degree College  Lahore College of Commerce
  Canal Bank, Mughalpura, Lahore.+92 42 36551963  132-G.T. Road Baghban Pura Lahore.+92 42 36826020
  The Limit College  Pak Institute of Management & Computer Sciences
  13- HUNZA BLOCK, MAIN BOULEVARD, ALLAMA IQBAL TOWN LAHORE.+92 42 37808031-2  23-E-III, Gulberg-III Lahore.+92 42 35751115-8
  Pakistan Finance College  Punjab Law College
  93- Shadman I, Shadman Chowk Lahore.+92 42 37553535-6  14-C, New Muslim Town Lahore.+92 42 35866814-7431
  Gate College of Arts Sciences & Commerce  Pakistan College of Commerce & Management
  33-A, Main Boulevard, Faisal Town Lahore.+92 42 35166306  47-Tipu Block, New Garden Town Lahore.+92 42 35836736-361
  Peak Solutions College of Commerce & Technology  Muslim College of Commerce
  Lower Mall, Lahore.+92 42 37359381  Plot 39, Block 1 College Road Sector C-I Township Lahore.+92 42 35116037
  I.B.L. College of Commerce for Boys  Trace College of Commerce
  66-Main (1sr Round About) Samanabad Lahore.+92 42 37530345-6  Multan Road Badar Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.+92 42 42 37848212
  Altus College of Commerce for Boys  Wise College for Girls
  56, Lawrance Road Near Board Examination Centre Lahore.+92 42 36375535-6  48-Main Gulberg Lahore.+92 42 35753129
  The Professionals Academy Of Commerce  Hira Institute of Management & Technology (Hira College)
  14-AURANGZEB BLOCK, GARDEN TOWN Lahore.+92 42 35847701  Suggian By-Pass Bund Road Lahore.+92 42 37931213
  Ideal College of Commerce  Pakistan School Of Fashion Design
  Shad Bagh Lahore.+92 42 36262432  2-Sunder Das Road Lahore.+92 42 36317033
  CFE- Institute of Management Sciences  Nova College of Commerce
  5-Babar Block, Garden Town, Lahore.+92 42 35858400-500  Tufail Road, Near Cantt, Katchehry Lahore.+92 42 36667052
  Leaders Cadet College  Ghazali Degree College
  10-BABAR BLOCK NEW GARDEN TOWN LAHORE.+92 42 35830254  13-1-B-II, Khokhar Chowk College Road Township Lahore.+92 42 35119679
  Cantt College of Education  Lahore College for Information Technology
  Shalimar Link Road Lahore.+92 42 36880535-36  4 - Dev Samaj Road Sant Nagar Opp. Commissioner Office Lahore.+92 42 37111921-2
  Pakistan Degree College of Commerce  Jamil Model College
  8-13, College Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.+92 42 35418878-354  Civil Secretariat Stop Rehman Arcade Lower Mall Lahore.+92 42 37232197
  Tameer-E-Seerat Model Degree College  Scholar College of Commerce
  Multan Road Lahore.+92 42 37447725-354  8-A, Sharah-e-Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat Shadman Chowk Lahore.+92 42 37424776
  Leads Institute of Commerce  CECOS London College
  5-Tipu Block, New Garden Town Lahore.+92 42 35843208  Office # 15, 2nd Floor Lahore Center Gulberg-III Main Boulevard Lahore.+92 42 35783000
  Quaid-e-Azam College of Management & Commerce  Beacon House Information Computer Institue
  3-Shahrah-Aiwan-e-Tijarat Shadman Chowk Lahore.+92 42 37574265-363  12-K, Main Boulevard Gulberg-II Lahore.+92 42 35757444-550
  Al- Hajvery College Of Business  Punjab University College Of Information Technology
  43-Industrial Area Gulberg-III Lahore.+92 42 35760136-7  Shahrahe Quaid-e-Azam Allama Iqbal Campus (Old Campus)+92 42 9212506
  Central College of Commerce & Sciences  Lahore Law College
  Feroze Pur Road Ichra Lahore.+92 42 3755416  6/13-B Waris Road Ganga Raam Hospital Lahore.+92 42 7577074-86091
  Lahore Institute for Social Sciences  King's College of Management and Commerce
  127-F, Model Town, Lahore.+92 42 35880263  104-105 Garden Block, New Garden Town Kalma Chowk, Lahore.+92 42 5862406-5837
  Aitchison College  Himayat-e-Islam Law College
  Aitchison College, Upper Mall Lahore.+92 42 36363063-6  119-Multan Road, Lahore.+92 42 37565584
  Garrison Post-Graduate College for Boys  Nobel College of Business Administration
  52 Tuffail Road, Lahore Cantt.+92 42 99220546  28-Aibak Block New Garden Town Lahore.+92 42 35941938-9
  Sabac College  West Minster College
  Rewa Garden Sandha Road Near MAO College Lahore.+92 42 37171146  93-A D/1, Main Boulevard Lahore.+92 42 111333007
  National College of Arts (NCA)  Lahore Grammer College (Girls)
  4-Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore.+92 42 9210599  173-Shadman II Canal Bank Lahore.+92 42 37573562
  College Of Tourism & Multimedia Computing  Jinnah Islamia College of Commerce
  15/1 Mazang Stop, Jail Road Lahore.+92 42 37522579-82  34-A-1 PECO Road, Township, Lahore.+92 42 35113534
  Sharif College of Engineering & Technology  Edge System International Computer College
  Sharif Medical City Road Raiwind Road Lahore.+92 42 35453298  21-L Gulberg III Main Ferozepur Road, Lahore.+92 42 35885863
  Leicester Group of Colleges  Oriental College Of Arts
  40-Usman Block New Garden Town Lahore.+92 42 35940334-6  11 Fazlia Colony, Shahjamal Ferozepur Road Lahore.+92 42 37534152-4
  College of Shariah & Islamic Studies  Quaid-e-Azam Law College
  365-M, Model Town Lahore.+92 42 35169120  10-G, Model Town Lahore.+92 42 35868552


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